Turning Ordinary Engagements Into Lasting Memories...

Engaged Entertainment is dedicated to creating emotional moments that lead to fun, elegant wedding ceremonies and receptions!  The days of simply filling out a form to create your reception timeline have long since passed us by.  Since no two couples are alike, we use detailed consultations to personalize the entertainment experience for each and every event.  This process allows us to coach you through the design of your wedding reception's mood and atmosphere, as we offer our expertise as seasoned professionals, and answer all of your questions as we work together.  

Once the event begins, our role as Master of Ceremonies is taken to heart.  This means coordinating with each hired professional, and directing the flow of events to make sure all of your guests feel included in the evening, so that your reception flows seamlessly.  

Each reception's mood is personalized to meet the couple's personalities and style. Every moment in the reception is discussed and explored to creatively adapt it to the overall theme. Your wedding day experience should be as unique as you are. Together, we'll create just that.