Video adds depth to your entertainment experience, and gives us unlimited creative potential to personalize your event. Take a look at some of the ways video can enrich your celebration!

Love Story

Your relationship has a unique story.  What better way to capture your story and share it with your friends and family than with video?  Your love story takes on a cinematic feel as it is shared with your guests at your reception. This creates a warm transition as your guests welcome you into the room! Each is recorded individually and separately, so that each person can share the story from their perspective, and then watch for the first time as you tell your story together on the big screen!

interactive video Guestbook

Mobile phones have taken the place of disposable phones on the tables, and they offer creative ways to connect your guests with the celebration in motion! Engaged Entertainment pioneered the SMS Video Guestbook in the Southern Tier in 2010 and it has grown to become a top-rated feature at hundreds of wedding receptions! Guests text their best wishes, and send their photos from the event, to a designated phone number, and they play on the screen throughout the reception! The collection of photos and messages are delivered to you electronically to keep with your wedding memorabilia.

music videos

Remember the excitement of coming home from school and watching the video countdowns on TV? Bring the nostalgia of those favorite classics to your celebration with music videos mixed in between your own photo memories on screen!

wedding party introductions

Highlight your wedding party in detail by showing their photos on screen as they are introduced into the room!